This is to support a ‘Modified Car Pooling Policy.’

Based on a tellurian analysis conducted by Waze, a GPS-based navigation app, Metro Manila, on an civic level, was named as carrying a “worst trade on Earth.” Manila scored a measly 0.4 in a trade index and a Philippines ranked as the ninth misfortune place to drive.

The Philippine supervision has due various ways to palliate EDSA, a vital highway in Metro Manila, such as a doing of a Highway Patrol Group of a Philippine National Police to interpretation traffic, a opening of swap routes dubbed as Mabuhay Lanes, and a construction of modular steel bridges in 5 areas.

Another offer is being deliberate by a MMDA to palliate EDSA, and MMDA arch of staff Jojo Garcia told reporters during a press discussion after a MMDA’s assembly with Metro Manila mayors that nothing of a latter thumbed it down. The offer was to anathema ‘drivers-only’ vehicles along EDSA, to foster a ‘Modified Car Pooling Policy.’

If there are usually dual passengers, a automobile is theme to a existent coding system. If there are 3 passengers in a car, a series coding is lifted, and a automobile can pass EDSA during any time and during any day. But if we are pushing a automobile though any passenger, we are criminialized from flitting EDSA during all times.

17 mayors of Metro Manila concluded to investigate all a proposals being done by all sectors to revoke EDSA trade though carpooling seemed to be a best choice so far.


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