Oscar Wilde famously said, “be yourself, everybody else is already taken”, though 42-year-old mom of dual Claudia Sierra was dynamic to turn someone else entirely. Specifically, a First Lady of a United States, Melania Trump.

Sierra had struggled with physique certainty issues her whole life since of childhood bullying. “Since we was a immature girl, we was done fun of for a tone of my skin, nose, hair and everything,” she suggested to a Daily Mail.

“Melania Trump is a many pleasing woman,” Sierra pronounced in an talk with Inside Edition. “She’s ideal to me.”

“I remember as a child, we would Scotch fasten a tip of my nose to my front since we wanted a nose like all of a other girls,” she combined to a Daily Mail. “Despite my relatives revelation me we looked beautiful, we would get into a bathtub and try to abate my skin by scrubbing it with a loofah, since all a girls we knew had lighter complexions.”

Unfortunately, Sierra’s physique certainty issues usually grew when she had to get a partial mastectomy after she was diagnosed with cancer, a Star-Telegram reported. Her issues were worsened serve still by men’s opinions of her appearance.

“I was removing deserted by group and it was murdering my soul,” she suggested to New York Daily News. “Nobody was picking me. So we said, ‘let me change all since we don’t wish any partial that’s been overwhelmed by anyone.’”

The branch indicate came for Sierra in Nov 2016. On a catastrophic date, a male told her that he couldn’t trust her age since she “looked most older”. It was afterwards that she motionless to go underneath a knife.

In Jun of this year, Sierra spent a tiresome 10 hours carrying cosmetic medicine at Dr Franklin Rose’s bureau in Houston. She had 9 procedures carried out – costing between $50,000 and $70,000, a New York Daily News reported.


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