Everyone is entitled to their undiscerning fears; either you’re fearful of clowns, shocked of even a many harmless of spiders or humour from vertigo, we all have that one thing that scares us senseless. And when it comes to this multiply of terror, it doesn’t matter how receptive or prepared we are. Certainly, we have ophidiophobia, a fear of snakes.

Whilst a impersonal creatures acted utterly a hazard to a ancestors behind in a day, we know that we have small reason to fear them now, unless we frankly step onto Australian dirt or take a wander by a Amazon rainforest. But there’s only something about their scaliness, straight pupils… oh, and a fact that they can be impossibly venomous, that puts me on edge.

I was done to feel a small improved about my ophidiophobia, however, when we listened that even Stephen Hawking, a astrophysicist extraordinaire had his possess undiscerning fear: aliens.


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