The veteran’s family commissioned a dark camera in his room.

Though heart-breaking, it is a fact that many families leave their aged in nursing homes where doctors and nurses attend to their daily needs. They entrust a lives of their relatives and grandparents to nurses who have vowed to do all they can in safeguarding and creation certain a relatives are safe. However, this offensive footage shows what unequivocally happens in some nursing homes.

89-year-old James Dempsey, a flashy WWII veteran, was staying in a room during a Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation where he died in 2014. While many people would consider he had died of healthy causes, a recently expelled video says otherwise.

When interviewed in 2015, former nursing administrator Wanda Nuckles claimed she immediately attended to Dempsey once he called for help. She also claimed that she achieved CPR on Dempsey though unsuccessful to revitalise him. The nurses claimed that they found a nonchalant Dempsey 5:28 a.m. It took roughly an hour for a staff to call 911 during 6:25 a.m.

In a video deposition, former nursing administrator Wanda Nuckles tells a family’s attorney, Mike Prieto, how she rushed to Dempsey’s room when a helper alerted her he had stopped breathing.

Prieto: “From a time we came in, we took over doing chest compressions…correct?”
Nuckles: “Yes.”

Prieto: “Until a time paramedics arrive, we were giving CPR continuously?”
Nuckles: “Yes.”

But when shown a dark video, a helper unexpected altered her statement, claiming it was an “honest mistake.”

“Sir, that was an honest mistake,” pronounced Nuckles in a deposition. “I was only basing all on what we routinely do.”

The video also showed a some-more unfortunate impulse when nurses had problem removing Dempsey’s oxygen appurtenance operational. Instead of perplexing to revitalise Dempsey, or during slightest be dumbfounded by a situation, a nurses can be listened shouting about something.

Prieto: “Ma’am, was there something humorous that was happening?”
Nuckles: “I can’t even remember all that as we can see.”

On Sep 2017, a nurses who were found guilty surrendered their licenses to a nursing board. Dempsey’s family declined to be interviewed due to a allotment agreement recently reached with a nursing home.


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