Majority of a new SUVs were already used during a ASEAN summit.

There is no denying that there is a necessity of vehicles and apparatus in a Philippine troops and troops force. But with a munificence of Japan and a loyalty of a stream Philippine administration, a troops and troops army are solemnly removing a assistance they need.

On Nov 10, 40 SUVs were given by Japan to a Philippine troops force, that were used during a new ASEAN limit in a pronounced country. Four of these vehicles were giving to a Highway Patrol Group (HPG), 3 to a troops confidence protection, 3 were given to Mindanao, while 30 of a pronounced vehicles were given to a NCRPO.

Aside from a 40 SUVs, Japan also motionless to present 5 leased aircrafts to a Philippines. The aircraft were initial rented out to a Philippines, though Japan motionless to cancel a franchise agreement and present them to a Navy instead, Director Arsenio Andolong, DND spokesman, said. All late unit and monitoring tutor planes of Japan’s Maritime Self Defense Force, these TC-90s were primarily leased by Tokyo to a Philippine supervision during a token price.

NEWS BREAK: Gobyerno ng Japan, nagbigay ng 40 SUVs sa PNP

NEWS BREAK: Gobyerno ng Japan, nagbigay ng 40 SUVs sa PNP

Posted by PTV on Thursday, Nov 16, 2017


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