It is called a “C-Cup” Café for a reason.

Coffee houses and shops are mostly what people impute to as a third place. It’s a place to be when we are not home or during work. It is a place where we can relax, review a book, and suffer a crater of coffee. If we skip regulating your favorite amicable media sites, many cafés offer good Wi-Fi tie and we can use it anytime we want.

However, not all coffee shops are successful. With many businesses involving coffee-making are gradually popping adult in each corner, some shops are left with no choice though to use their creativity in attracting customers.

One emporium in Thailand has group rushing in and backing adult to have a ambience of their coffee. Apparently, their coffee emporium is called ‘C-Cup’ for a reason. While many people would assume that a minute “C” in their name stands for coffee, some business it means something else.

Aside from their good coffee (based on their café’s reviews), business beheld that a waitresses’ uniforms suggested their voluptuous backs, that people trust is since of a weather. Also, a waitresses seem to fit a café’s name.

According to a 37-year-old owner, Chanisara, she was astounded by a remarkable direct for a cafeteria following a patron gnawing photos and putting it adult on amicable media.


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