Hidden Subliminal Messages You Missed In Cartoons

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“Rick and Morty” is probably one of the most unexpected hit shows to air on Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim.” It’s one of the zaniest shows on the network where there is dimension hopping and enough multiverse theories to satisfy the thirstiest science fiction nerds. Not to mention all of the dreamscapes, aliens, different planets, robot dogs, the list is endless. All of these factors contribute to the wide success of the show, plus the fact that this is a show that’s made for fan theories. The show can get quite confusing at times, like when Rick and Morty get inside Morty’s teacher’s dreams and it goes in a dream within a dream. But, it all makes sense when you watch it! With all of the fan theories coming out, there is no theory that is thrown out or impossible. Yet, there are a select few that are more likely than others!

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